From the album Is This Life... (Single)

Harli Saxon - Lead Vocals, Viola
Jonathan Daughdrill - Lead Guitar
Liam Gallmeyer - Bass,Backing Vocals
Eric Nelson - Drums


Verse 1-

My hometown was hit by a car yesterday
I heard it on the news
Our new laws have justice thrown away
I heard it on the news
We all tried to fight for our lives
I heard it on the news
Any move we try to make is a failure
I saw it on TV


Is this life or betrayal of life
Where hypocrites control the world
No, we can't end world hunger, baby
But we sure can start a war
Is this life or treason, honey
I can't seem to find out myself
Is this world so cruel that maybe
The poor are banned from having wealth

Verse 2-

Teenage suicide level increases
I saw it on TV
Another child star's in rehab
Well isn't that the Disney dream
When you wish upon a star
You yawn then go to sleep
Racism is back on the streets
And all the mixed kids
We're crying